When you moved to

East Tennessee

you didn’t do it for the luxury;

you did it for a sense of belonging.

At Designing Dixie, we know that you want to establish roots and live a life filled with community and adventure in the Knoxville area.



Designing Dixie

is a media outlet dedicated to helping you:

  • Have a sense of belonging

  • Have a community to call home

  • Live an adventurous life

  • Have a home that supports your needs


A Bit More About Me:

My name’s Dixie Willard. After traveling around the world for twenty years with the Air Force, my husband and I have finally settled down in our forever home here in East Tennessee. It’s the perfect medium between being close to our extended family, but not too close!

I'm a fairly nerdy interior designer with a snarky sense of humor, I adore my two furry Chief Morale Officers (Sammy and Sadie), and I do more than my fair share to keep the coffee industry in business.
Dixie Willard East Tennessee Interior Designer