When you moved to East Tennessee you didn’t do it for the luxury; you did it for a sense of belonging, just like me.

Designing Dixie is here to help you establish roots, build community, and live adventurously so you can finally have a place to call home.


In order to have all of that, though, you need to be able to find out more about the area.

Designing Dixie is a media outlet dedicated to helping you have a sense of belonging, live an adventurous life, have a home that supports your needs, and have a community to call home.


The problem is, there are just too many resources when discovering a new area.

  • Let’s face it, you don’t want life to pass you by while you’re struggling to find your place.
  • You’re frustrated because you’re feeling lonely and isolated, staying home with nothing to do.
  • You should be spending your time enjoying life rather than worrying about where to find _____ (fill in the blank).

Let’s get you involved in a community where you belong, feeling rejuvenated and full of life, living a life of adventure, and finally finding your home.


Here’s How We’ll Do It: 


1. Establish Roots

Finding that sense of attachment can be a challenge. We’ll help you go from struggling to find your place to finally finding a home.


2. Build Community

No one wants to feel isolated and lonely in their new home. We’ll share ways to become part of a community you love.


3. Live Adventurously

You don’t want to stay at home while life passes you by! We’ll show you how to live a life of adventure so you feel rejuvenated.